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Hey! I’m Karla, and I’m so, so excited to get to work creating something that is uniquely you. I’ve been collaborating with entrepreneurs and dreamers like you for years, and by far my favorite part about brand design is hearing your story and the creative challenge of translating that story into visuals so you can more fully see and express who you are.

Apart from design, my other creative loves span music, pottery, bookbinding, and cooking. I’m a violinist in the duo The OK Factor, an Enneagram 9, a dog mom, and wife to a closet rockstar. In my fantasy life, I’m a hip-hop dancer, but I haven’t gotten up the courage to try that dream on yet. 🙂

It’s very possible that we’ll become fast friends through your Tiny Brand experience. I will follow your Tiny Brand on all the socials, share your work every day, and champion the message you’ve been called to share with the world.

Got questions about Tiny Brands? Check out the FAQ next! If you don’t see your question, just pop me an email using the button below.

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