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 the story behind the tiny key

When my husband and I first started dating, he gave me a ring with a skeleton key on it. I think he even said something cheesy to the effect of “This is key to my heart.”


Well, here we are almost nine years later, still together and celebrating 4 years of marriage in June 2021. I somehow lost that ring in the last decade, so it’s taken new forms in the shape of a Tiffany key necklace, in a tune I wrote for The OK Factor called “Skeleton Key,” and adorns a throw pillow on our couch.

When The Inspired Foundry was taking shape, I was inspired by the traditional foundries of the Industrial era, casting metal into molds and using their hands to do messy and what some would consider creative work. I may be over-romanticizing traditional metal foundries, but I imagined that somewhere along the way, somewhere in the world, a foundry made skeleton keys.

So a meaningful shape from my past is getting new life in my brand. It’s a nod to how much I want this brand to become a fixture of my family life with my husband and our fur child, Lucy. It represents love and passion, the messy creative process, the potential inside each opportunity. The key portion of the icon fits the shape of the capital F in Foundry, so when you see the key you see both a straight-up skeleton key and a monogram for the brand.

The Inspired Foundry is both a business and a personal brand, and I want you to see just how much thought and consideration I’ve put into my own brand, knowing that I will do the same for you because I understand just how important your brand is to you and your own family.


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