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tiny brand back door

If The Inspired Foundry were a real place, it would have all kinds of secret passages and trick bookcases—you know, like the ones where you pull on a candlestick and a doorway appears?

Well, consider this page your trick bookcase!

Grab what you want below and let’s make your Tiny Brand happen!


Your Tiny Brand


Start building brand recognition with a set of brand colors, fonts, and design elements curated specifically for your business.

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Brand Bundle – Your Tiny Brand


Get the most out of Your Tiny Brand with a couple add-ons worth $125. Save $25!


Canva Social Media Templates (one-time purchase)

Stock Photography Collection

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Stock Photography Collection – Your Tiny Brand


Add a curated collection of stock photos from Unsplash and Pexels to take the worry out of guess work images for your social media, digital products, or any other place you might use stock imagery.

This is a great option for anyone who doesn’t enjoy taking photos, needs a placeholder before a brand photo shoot, or would just prefer to use professional stock images. Unsplash and Pexels all have high-quality images that don’t feel like the old-school stock photos you’re used to seeing.

Delivered in a Google Drive folder as a part of Your Tiny Brand.

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Canva Templates – Your Tiny Brand

from 75.00

Custom Canva templates for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Link in Bio website, or whatever social platforms you need.

Options include purchasing once, or purchasing a template refresh subscription on a quarterly basis.

If you’d like a subscription but don’t want to purchase multiple quarters up front, purchase 1 quarter and send an email to karla@theinspiredfoundry with your subscription preferences!

Quarterly Subscriptions:

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1 Quarter2 Quarters3 QuartersFull Year

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Custom Options – Your Tiny Brand

from 50.00

Customize your Tiny Brand with fonts and design elements sourced from outside of Canva for a truly boutique Tiny Brand!


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FontsDesign ElementsFonts + Design Elements

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