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So, let’s pretend that you dropped your email below to see my pricing guide and now you’re ready to take the next step with a brand design package. First of all, cue the tunes and pop some bubbly/La Croix/kombucha!! A new brand identity is *so* very exciting and the most fun part of any business, in my opinion. 🙂

Embarking on a rebrand or establishing your brand identity for the first time can feel like a daunting process, but my job as your designer is to provide encouragement and support through the design process as we craft this new identity together.

Before I walk you through each phase, though, I want to make sure you know the kind of designer I am. I believe wholeheartedly in artistic alignment — trusting my gut when it comes to design choices and knowing that the perfect fit is out there if I’m not sold on a concept yet.

This type of intuitive design is only possible through curiosity and collaboration, my top two core values that are not just words to me but quite literally have embedded themselves into my own brand identity. Figuring out how to tell your business story in a way that feels right means I’m invested in providing practical strategy balanced with heart-centered intuition and finding beautiful ways to remind you of who you really are through design.

All that said, the next step is to send a contract and invoice, and then the design process will begin!


This is the phase in which we get to know each other and your business. Once you’ve dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s on the contract, we’re in this thing together, my friend. I absolutely love this phase because it’s dreamy and full of possibilities as we chat about the future of your brand identity.

The first step in this phase is my Brand Discovery Workbook. It’s a comprehensive questionnaire to help establish the foundation for your visual brand identity. I’ve learned the hard way that design is most effective when it’s backed by strategy, a clear understanding of its purpose. Without a strategy, we’d be refining your concepts until kingdom come with no end in sight because we wouldn’t know why we were setting up your brand identity in that way.

To provide the best possible design solution, I want to make sure I completely understand your business and what you’re looking for. So, we meet (in person or via Zoom) for a conversation all about the questions within the workbook. We’ll get to know each other and solidify our relationship as collaborators on this brand project.

(Want a sneak peek of my client Discovery Workbook? Drop your email below and I’ll send you a portion of the workbook!)

I keep my projects organized with ActiveCollab. It’s quite possibly my favorite project management software, and trust me, I’ve tried them all. It makes collaborating and discussions streamlined and simple. No more searching through email chains trying to remember what one client said about that one particular design — we communicate about all things project-related inside ActiveCollab.

Each client has their own project portal that includes a task timeline for each phase, discussion tabs where I’ll upload files and chat about refinements once we get deeper into the design process, and a place to leave notes for reminders, questions, etc.

The next step involves a brand strategy presentation, either a detailed presentation about your business, audience, brand keywords, goals, and initial design vision, or a simple mood board and color palette to get us started.


Once we’re positive we’re on the same page for the direction of this project, I’ll start working on design concepts. I’ll be relying heavily on the keywords and vision we established in the Discovery phase to guide me towards font choices, color refinement, logo styles, and the overall vibe.

Typically, I work on several main logo design concepts at once. I try multiple styles, various layouts, and play with fonts until I find the perfect fit. And depending on the designs, I may find one that speaks to me the most and show you that, or I might want to send you multiple options. Designers have different opinions about presenting concepts to clients — some only present one concept, others always give options. I fall somewhere in between with the understanding that this is a collaboration. I want you to feel like you can trust me with providing the best possible design solution, but I also want to ensure that it’s exactly what you want.

We’ll decide on the main logo first, and then I’ll take that concept and fill out the rest of the brand with alternative logo styles, marks, icons, and patterns. I’ll put it all together with mockups so you can envision it in the real world.


Once you’ve had a chance to review all the design elements together, we’ll chat about any potential edits, and then I’ll get to work on any extra collateral pieces you need, like business cards, social graphics, brochures, etc. I’ll put together a brand style guide so you know exactly how to use the brand on your own, and you’ll receive every file you’ll ever need to use your new brand identity.

After we’ve finalized everything and wrapped this puppy up, I’m always available for questions or support as you begin to implement the brand elements into your website, social media, etc.


1. How long does this process take?

Anywhere from 4-8 weeks. I offer multiple package options at various price points, but you can assume the deeper you want to go with your brand identity, the longer it will take.

2. What’s the cost for a brand identity?

I’ve created brand identities for $250, and I’ve also created brand identities for $3000+. The amount of time spent in the Discovery phase and additional collateral is what determines the price points. More strategy and research about your business and market means a higher price investment, but also results in a stronger brand identity simply because of how much forethought we put into the process.

Questions about my design process? Drop them below or shoot me an email!

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