Captain’s Log: An Experiment in Core Values


CAPTAIN’S Log, Stardate 74512.4

My husband, Gavin, and I are currently in the middle of Season 3 of Star Trek: The Next Generation — I had this idea while falling asleep after watching a few episodes the other night.

What if I created a “captain’s log” inside the Think Tank?

If you’re not familiar with Star Trek, the Captain often starts episodes with a “Captain’s Log” followed by the current stardate (the show takes place in the 24th century, so stardates were created to log the century, year, day, and time of the log). Occasionally, in the middle of the episode, there would be a supplemental log by the captain or other member of the crew, describing a situation or interaction with another crew member.

Basically a journal entry. Riveting, I know.

But hear me out — The Inspired Foundry’s core values are:


I have a vision that these personal logs could bridge the gap between the creative topics I like to write about and the brand and design topics. It’s like more personal commentary on life as a creative, current projects, and my thought processes when it comes to my work. A little less curated, a little more of capturing real life. See the accompanying photo for proof of this vision.

This idea came to me while falling asleep — usually the time when intuitive ideas float through my head. If they stick around and I remember them the next day, I write them down. This was one of those intuitive ideas.

My writing is not full of craftsmanship or even artistry. But my tone of voice is conversational and I want to continue to hone that voice because my Enneagram 9 self tends to feel like I don’t have a voice, or even one worth listening to. Here’s one more way for me to practice speaking up.

Personal logs aren’t collaborative by nature. But perhaps part of collaboration is showing up for the folks who care about what I’m doing – here’s one more way for me to show up for you and show you what’s behind the scenes.

There is a freedom in writing whatever the heck I want to write about, and doing it without too much thought — or at least less thought than I put into my typical content. We could all use a little more freedom with our work instead of worrying about saying or doing the perfect thing all the time. Here’s me showing up to do that and giving you permission to do the same.

So, by checking all five core values I figure this idea *could* be inspired. Consider this my first personal log, a slight ramble of words processing the potential for this idea. We’ll see what’s possible through these logs as we go along.

Here’s to showing up to our lives and our work with authenticity and creativity.


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