4 Ways to Keep Your Brand Feeling Fresh


Chances are, at some point you’ve gotten bored with your brand.  

It happens to all of us.

You get tired of saying the same thing over and over again. 

Your social media graphics start to feel tired and overused. 

You hit refresh on your website home page hoping that it will actually look refreshed the next time it loads. 😂 

Having a creative business is the perfect breeding ground for boredom. We like to create new things, and sticking with the same old consistent look, feel, and voice isn’t as fun as making something new. While there is a rhyme and reason for staying consistent, there’s an equally true argument for keeping things fresh.  

Here’s what shouldn’t change about your brand on a day-to-day basis: 

  • Your logos and major brand ambassadors, like icons, illustrations, sub-logos, etc.
  • Your main colors
  • Your main fonts
  • Your overall mission, vision, and values

Things that can change over time:

  • Color variations within your brand palette
  • Adding in new design elements that fit your style
  • Creating new templates and layouts for your content
  • Photography

If you’re in need of a little brand refresh, here are some ideas you can implement right now and re-inspire your brand: 

  1. Expand your assets. I include an entire lesson about this in the course I launched this spring, Design Sh*t That Looks Good. Basically, you can absolutely add in color variations, new design elements, and find new stock photography or take new photos. Just make sure they all still align with the overall style of your brand, otherwise you risk looking disjointed and losing the trust of your audience.
  2. Reflect & Refine. If you’re starting to get bored with your brand, maybe there’s something bigger at play. Use this free resource I madeReflect & Refine – as a companion to The Creative’s Almanac to reflect on the last six months and lay the groundwork for the next six. You might stumble upon some ideas that can help your brand get unstuck and feel refreshed.
  3. Get in the mood for fresh vibes with a new playlist. I just finished curating my summer playlist – it’s all good vibes.
  4. Update your templates for social media, newsletters, website headers, PDFs, and marketing collateral. Creating new layouts is an easy way to update your look without making drastic changes. Don’t have any templates? I’m here to help! I offer seasonal sales on template creation and would love to collaborate with you on yours. Head here for the latest seasonal offer!

 Got questions about what is or isn’t a good idea to refresh within your brand? Post a comment or send an email and let me know! I’m here to help keep you and your inspired ideas looking fresh and fine. 🙌🏻

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