How to Launch A New Thing *Your* Way


I love a launch. Love a launch. 

So many opportunities for fun things, right?! 

When it comes to releasing a new thing into the world, whether that’s a new offer or product, rebrand, etc., getting creative with the launch is my favorite part of the process. 

There are plenty of strategies you can use to create a solid launch plan, but I think the best thing you can do is consider what your people would freak out about (in a good way).

What would have them saving all your posts on IG, sharing your stories, visiting your website on the daily until launch day? 

Is it live events? Is it giveaways? Is it scarcity language? Is it discounts? 

If your people are high-end luxe clients, they probably don’t care about a discount but they would love a live launch party. If they’re young moms, they probably don’t have time or energy to attend live or virtual events but would love a discount or a bonus, especially if that bonus is going to make their lives 1% easier. 

This Inspired Idea starts to delve into marketing tactics, but the heart of it is all about your brand strategy. Before you can create a solid marketing plan for your launch, you need a brand strategy that clearly defines who you are as a brand, who your people are, what you both value, how you’ll show up, etc.  

What do your people value? What basic activities or strategies can you build into your launch to keep it simple, but then add a twist to make it yours? 

Don’t have a solid brand strategy, but hoping to launch something soon? Answer these 3 questions to give you a good starting point: 

  • Why do we exist as a brand, aside from making money?
  • What do we care about as as brand? What do our people care about?
  • What impact does our brand have on the world?

When you have strong answers to these questions, they act as a decision filter to help you make decisions about everything in your business, including how you’ll launch your new thing.  

And then you can get creative and really launch with style.

Also, side note: the nice thing about “getting creative” with your launch is that everything has already been done. This means your creativity doesn’t have to look like reinventing the wheel (insert praise hands here). Instead, it can look like using a few tried and true strategies but putting a spin on them that really works for you and your people. 

What are you launching next?

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