The Secret to Bringing Ideas to Life


There’s plenty of data out there supporting visualization as a practice.

Just in prepping for this post, I read a few articles that speak to how our brain responds to a visualization as if we were actually doing the thing we’re visualizing.

For instance, if you think about lifting your right hand, the same part of the brain lights up as when you actually lift your right hand.  

What. Even. Our brains are incredible. 

In any case, I wouldn’t say I practice visualization in a regimented form, but I am a very visual person. My brain is always imagining scenarios and living out dreams, and I process information so much better when I can see it in front of me.  

But even if you don’t consider yourself a visual person, there is power in writing out a plan, in creating a space outside your brain for your thoughts to live. 

I personally believe this is the secret to bringing your ideas to life.

Because as creative people, it’s especially important as creative business owners to avoid letting ideas, plans, or dreams stew too long in our heads. Otherwise they can get jumbled and confused, right?

If we can get them down on paper, not only is it easier to remember them (duh), but we can literally see where our blindspots might have been as we thought through the idea.  

In my Reflect & Refine free resource, there’s a timeline towards the back that encourages you to take your six-month refinement strategy and place it on the timeline.

It’s an outline for your goals, but plotted along a pathway of time.

It’s visualization meets strategy for your inspired ideas.

Highly recommend seeing your ideas out in front of you so you can begin to navigate the logistics. That resource is right here for you if you need it.

Happy visualizing!

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