The Anti-Overwhelm Planning Solution for Creative Entrepreneurs


It’s true what they say – you can only focus on one thing at a time in any given moment.  

However, I’ll make the argument that there are those of us who balance many projects all at once, and though we can only work on one at a time, our brains are still holding space for those other projects all. the. time. 

Despite only being able to do one thing at a time, that doesn’t mean we’re not constantly thinking about multiple things at a time. Or at least in very close succession.  

How are you supposed to keep everything straight?!  

A few years ago, I figured it out. 

Well, sort of. 

I got tired of having a different notebook for every project. My go-to planner didn’t have room for the various to-do lists and project planning spreads that I needed, and I was working multiple jobs with a side hustle or two and trying to keep it all straight. Long story short, I ended up deciding I needed a daily planner. The weekly spreads in my current planner weren’t cutting it. I needed something that would help me focus on the time I had right in front of me rather than looking at an entire week. 

But everything out there was a one-size-fits-all approach to daily planning. It either had too much fluff, not enough space for things, or too little direction.  

So, classic Karla, I made a planner for myself. 😂 

I called it the Project Box Planner. Each day has its own page, and on each daily page are three boxes for three separate Projects, plus some other helpful elements. 

A Project could be almost anything. Your home life, your freelance gig(s), your marketing plan. Maybe you have two jobs and a side hustle. Maybe you want to parcel out your hobbies, your home life, your health, fitness, or meal planning.

Whatever your Projects are, each box is a separate to-do list so you can keep track of all the little things that come up each day.  I believe this is the first planner of its kind to acknowledge the multiple projects a person can hold at one time and offer dedicated space for each project on a daily planning page.

It is both a project planner and a daily planner, encouraging you to outline the multiple pieces of your life in one place.  

I have since migrated to Notion – a lovely database software that houses my daily dashboard for The Inspired Foundry – but I still love this planner and wanted to share it with you as we near the fall and “back to school” season.  It’s totally free – just head here to take a peek and download it for yourself. 

Enjoy and happy planning!

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