What Are You Working Towards?


I’m asking you a lot of questions this month, I know.

I ask because I care, lol.

Today’s question is all about your vision. 

What are you working towards?

I ask this question a lot of different ways during brand strategy workshops with clients: What does the dreamiest version of your business look like? 

Where do you see your business in 2-3 years? What are you hoping for out of your business?

My very practical, Type A clients give me some really great concrete answers, things that sound like they could be done in the next 1-2 years rather than grandiose visions of their life in the next decade. And my more laidback, Type B clients tend to shy away from this question because they can’t even see past the next six months of life, whatever the reason may be.

But the more I dig, poke and prod (very gently) into their dreams, the more I’m able to uncover some wildly beautiful inspired ideas that they’re working towards:

Published fiction author. Keynote speaker at major events. The premier sought-after national wedding videographer. Filled-to-capacity events. National tours. Sabbaticals in Ireland (that one’s mine, lol)

I love a good dreamy vision. A big fat 10 year goal. This future vision stuff is the fodder of inspired ideas. This blue-sky-brainstorm place is where our most vulnerable dreams for ourselves live. The future vision is what keeps us going right now, right?

So what are you working towards? Is it a vision for your life in the future? Is it a specific goal or project? Is it a financial number, a benchmark you’ve set for your own growth or success? Maybe your dreamy dream is a something someone else might consider super practical. That’s okay.

The vision itself can look however you want it to. There are no rules for what feels inspiring to you in your work. All that matters is that you feel it deep in your gut, that there’s a settled kind of excitement, a knowingness that feels right to you.

So, if dreamy brainstorming is your jam, you’ve probably got this on lock down. If you’re more of a hesitant dreamer (solidarity — that’s where I find myself this year), a few ideas for coming up with a vision that feels great to you:

  • Consider the people who inspire you, and dig into their lives a bit to discover the twists and turns they navigated.
  • Walk around a bookstore. A bookstore is quite literally a room full of other people’s dreams — thousands of authors who dreamed of being published, plus some other nifty gifties, musicians, magazines, etc.
  • Travel somewhere new, even just the next town over. A fresh perspective can do a world of good for your dreams. 

What are you working towards? I’d love to know. Hit reply and tell me all about your dreamy goals for this year and beyond. And for more of a deep dive into this, check out this week’s podcast episode linked below. 

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